8 Tips To Get More Coaching Clients

Jack Wong HM
6 min readOct 26, 2021

The most common problem for coaches? It’s getting more clients. It might be challenging, and there are several significant challenges that many coaches face while attempting to increase their client base — even those with little or no coaching experience can have a hard time figuring out where to begin! But don’t worry, we’re here to help you get your first few customers fast, so you never have trouble again.

Why Is It Difficult to Get New Clients?

Reason 1 — Not Spending Enough Time To Promote

Marketing and promotion are essential.

It necessitates more than simply obtaining online advertisements; it also necessitates earned and voluntary recommendations from past clients, as well as networking in your region. It’s also crucial to make long-term connections in your community.

Several marketing strategies are available to you (both online and offline), so it’s crucial that you know which ones work for your target audience. You must also figure out what kinds of content appeal to potential customers, encouraging them to learn more about coaching from you. This information is critical! No amount of advertising will bring you more new clients if this step isn’t completed correctly.

The sad reality? Some coaches do not devote nearly enough time to promoting their business or trying different methods that might significantly expand their client base. They may have a few outdated commercials running. Still, because they are too busy or don’t have the money for it, they aren’t investing any money in anything else.

Reason 2 — Suffer From Low Self-Esteem and Confidence

Coaches must be able to communicate persuasively and effectively about their services and why clients should hire them. Some people have this talent instinctively, while others do not. We understand how crucial this ability is when attracting new customers. Still, we also realize that most potential clients will want proof before putting their money where their mouth is. Most likely, you will be expected to provide free samples of your coaching services, and it is crucial that you do well.

Jack Wong HM

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